Feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed?... Difficulty sleeping?... In pain?... In a mental fog?... Low in energy?

Diffusion CD

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I have been running on adrenaline for the past couple of months, and listening to this (CD) just once brought me down to my normal body state... RA

For me, listening to the Diffusion CD was like discovering a refuge from the stresses of balancing career and family commitments. Listening to the CD for just 45 minutes per day is life changing. I put it on and within 5 minutes I am asleep. I awake in the morning feeling refreshed and I am no longer plagued by difficulties I used to have with grinding my teeth during sleep. If there is a specific issue or emotion that has troubled me during the day, I can set an intent while listening to the CD to gain clarity on the issue, or to diffuse negative emotions and I miraculously awake the next day with increased clarity and happiness. I recommend the Diffusion CD to everyone I meet. It is extremely helpful in dealing with the stresses of everyday living... JM

My wife introduced me on my birthday to a new CD that she promised would help me get a good night's sleep. Of course, I was very skeptical. Boy, was I dead wrong. Following the instructions provided, I was not only starting to fall into a deep sleep, but I would wake up every morning feeling 10 if not 20 years younger. Suddenly, there weren't enough minutes in the day to get all the things done that I had the energy to do. I since have recommended the Diffusion CD to my friends and family. By the way, a good night's sleep was the best present I could have received... RCV

I listened to the CD last night and fell asleep with it. I feel emotionally better today. I feel like I can face anything, and it still leaves me with a happy feeling within. I also do not feel so lonely. I must not forget to listen more often... DR

It is very relaxing. I find myself generally calmer in my daily life. Now I am concentrating on using it for healing... CB

Great sleep. Good focus... BH

Sleep VERY DEEPLY and very well. My body is much more relaxed than usual when I awake. WOW!... ML

I just wanted to say that the very first time I used the CD, the healing intent worked great. I had injured one of the toes on my right foot and it was quite swollen and bruised. The toe bones weren’t broken but the soft tissue was very painful to touch. Following the instructions for the healing intent, I used the CD 3 times over 3 days. The morning after the first session, the bruising had subsided far enough to say it was quite remarkable and the swelling had all but disappeared. By the morning after the third session the bruise was reduced to a very small spot. Whatever is on this CD worked well for me... RJM

I put on the Diffusion CD and within 5 minutes I find that I can slip into a meditative state that would normally take me the better part of an hour to achieve through traditional meditation techniques... JMM

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